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What is the minimum/maximum subscription period?Updated 2 months ago

When rentin a product at Tiny Library, you take on a subscription for a minimum period. You can choose this period yourself when ordering the product. The longer the minimum period, the lower your monthly subscription costs. After this minimum period, you can cancel the rental contract on a monthly basis. You always have the right to return unused products within 14 days after ordering.

The minimum rental term expires on the day after the end of the last term. After that, your subscription is automatically extended on a monthly basis. You will not receive a reminder from us about the expiration. The start date of your subscription is the date on which the products are shipped to you. You will also receive a notification by email when your subscription is activated.

We do not have a maximum rental term. You can rent the products for as long as you like. If you no longer need the product, please return it through our return page.

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