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I have a question about my subscription

When should I place an order?

You can place an order with us once you know which products you need. During checkout, you can specify when you want to receive the products. Your subscription starts as soon as you have the products at home. Since you have already paid for the first

How do I get a subscription?

You can easily and quickly do this through our online shop. Select the products you want to rent temporarily and proceed to checkout. During the payment process, indicate when you would like to receive the products. You always pay for the first month

When does my subscription start?

Your subscription starts as soon as you receive the products at your home. Since you have already paid for the first month during the online checkout, the monthly fee for the following month will be automatically deducted from your account one month

What is the minimum/maximum subscription period?

When rentin a product at Tiny Library, you take on a subscription for a minimum period. You can choose this period yourself when ordering the product. The longer the minimum period, the lower your monthly subscription costs. After this minimum period

What happens when the minimal subscription period has expired?

The minimum rental term expires on the day after the end of the last term. After that, your subscription is automatically extended on a monthly basis. You will not receive a reminder from us about the expiration. At this point, you can choose whether

Can I exchange a product?

If you have had the product for more than 14 days and you are not satisfied or you want to exchange your product for a different brand or color, you can request an exchange by sending an email to [email protected]. Please include your nam

How can I stop my subscription?

What a pity that you're leaving us! You can return the products once the minimum rental term has expired. Please initiate the return process through our return page. Afterward, you will receive instructions on how to send back the products and either