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Birthing pool

When should I place my order for a birthing pool?

You can order the birthing pool at any time during your pregnancy. It is helpful for our planning if we receive the application before the 35th week of your pregnancy. This way we can ensure that we have sufficient copies available. During checkout y

When will I receive my order?

When you rent a bath, you will receive it at the beginning of week 37 of your pregnancy. You will receive an email from us and our carrier. You have the bath at your disposal until week 42. You can then return the bath to us. You can register your re

How do I return the birthing pool?

After using the bath, you must clean and empty it again and return it to us. In these video's you can see how to empty and fold the bath. After you have repacked the bath, you can return it via our returnpage.

What happens if I cancel my order?

If you cancel the rental pool before week 36 of your pregnancy (i.e. before the rental pool has been sent), for example due to a medical indication, the full amount will be refunded. The reason for cancellation is never pleasant for the pregnant woma

I rented a bath but unfortunately I did not give birth in it

It may of course happen that you can no longer use the rented bath for your delivery after delivery, for example due to a medical indication. We naturally find this very annoying for you. If you return the supplied delivery package (disposables in th

Right of withdrawal regarding the birthing pool

For the birthing pool, we can only cancel the order before the order has been shipped. The right of withdrawal expires when you receive the bath.

Is the bath easy to set up?

The bath can be set up within 15 minutes. Of course, there is a clear manual included. If you are still unable to resolve it, you can always contact us.

Is a rented bath safe and hygienic?

The professional birthing pool is fully tested and checked for damage every time before shipment. The bath is always 100% clean and disinfected. The inner cover and accessories are always new and are thrown away after use. Only the bath and the infla

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Why is the pool blue?

The color blue provides the most natural color representation of water. This color has the greatest effect on the relaxing effect for the user. The blue color of the bath has no influence on any photo. The white bottom and transparent walls provide a

Why does the bath have a white bottom?

The birthing pool was developed as a medical device. This means that the colors of the bath and the floor are tailored to the best possible monitoring and outcome of the birth. The white bottom and transparent inside ensure that the midwife has a goo

Are heating elements also used?

No. We follow the health guidelines from England and America, where the use of a heating element is not permitted. A heating element carries the risk of forming legionella bacteria. By keeping the water at the right temperature with an element, inste

How do I keep the water at the right temperature?

Maintaining the temperature may be the responsibility of the partner, for example. Practice shows that the water in the bath remains at the right temperature for a long time and it is very easy to bring the water back to the right temperature if nece

What size bath is suitable for me?

The choice of format is made based on practical and emotional considerations. Practical. Emotionally

Do you supply 1 or 2 water hoses?

We supply 1 water hose. This water hose is always new and free of toxic substances. The water hose is first used to supply clean water, and after delivery to drain the used water. After use, throw away the water hose. For reasons of hygiene, we consc

Can my floor handle the weight?

Based on the largest size: The weight of 660kg (bath + water) + pregnant (+/- 80kg) is distributed over an area of 1.6m2. This is approximately 460kg per m2, evenly distributed (so no point load). The same m2 load applies to the smaller size. A norma