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I have a question about a product

Quality of our products

We strive to provide the best quality for your baby and only use recognized brands that have years of expertise in baby products and have been tested by us. Additionally, we only rent out products that are in excellent condition because your baby des

In which condition are the products?

Tiny Library rents out new and almost new products. Before the products are rented out again, they are professionally cleaned and checked for safety. If your product is not as expected, our customer service is ready to assist you.

Are the products safe?

We only work with the best suppliers of baby products. Once a product is returned after the rental period, it is thoroughly inspected and tested for safety before it moves on to the next baby.

How are the products cleaned and inspected?

Of course! We guarantee that all products are inspected, laundered, and sanitized by professionals before they are offered for rent. For the sake of your baby's skin and the planet, we only use natural cleaning agents. Curious about our cleaning proc

How can I rent a stroller?

The cost of your subscription depends on the chosen stroller and the length of your minimum rental period. The longer your minimum rental period, the lower the monthly fee. You can find the monthly costs on our website for each respective product. We

Can i buy the products at the end of my subscription?

It is unfortunately not possible to purchase the rented products from Tiny Library. Our mission is to make the baby market more sustainable and bring joy to as many families as possible by sharing the same products. Our rental system is comparable to

Is renting cheaper than buying second-hand?

It's great that you're considering more sustainable alternatives like buying second-hand for your baby products. We understand that you're comparing costs, as it's already expensive enough!. Renting from Tiny Library is, in most cases, cheaper than p

Can I also rent for holidays?

We also offer several products that are convenient for vacation rentals in our assortment. The minimum rental period is 1 month, and unfortunately, shorter periods are not available. Here's some information about renting a product for your vacation:

Duo stoller: from carrycot to seat

The Bugaboo Donkey is delivered in a way that allows you to convert it into a stroller with two seats over time. You simply need to replace the fabric of the bassinet with the seat that is included with the stroller. This way, you can adjust the stro

I am expecting a twin, do you have a twin-discount?

When you're expecting twins, you'll need more baby supplies. To assist you financially, we're offering you a twin discount. This means you'll receive a 15% discount on the products you need in duplicate for the first 6 months. Please contact us at kl

Are the products sustainable?

Renting from Tiny Library is sustainable as it helps to reduce waste by reusing products. Our rental system is similar to lending items to friends. This way, the same product is used by different people over time. We repair our products when a compon

How are products selected?

We carefully select the products based on the following criteria: