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I have a question regarding the returning process.

How can I make a return?

Do you want to return a product and cancel your subscription? You can return the products when the minimum rental period has expired. Register your return via this link. It is possible to return the products in the following ways:. 1. Return the prod

Can I return multiple items?

Yes, it is possible to return multiple products. When initiating the return, it is important to indicate the correct number of packages. This way, you will receive the appropriate number of labels. Please note:. If you have scheduled a pick-up, you m

Where can I find my ordernumber?

Your order number is mentioned in the confirmation email you received regarding the processing of your order. You can also acces your ordernumbers and information through our chat on the website.

Do I have to clean the product before returning?

We ensure that the products are always delivered to you fully and professionally cleaned. Therefore, you do not need to thoroughly clean the products before returning them. However, we appreciate it if the products are returned to us in a neat condit

Incomplete return

If during the inspection of your return it is found to be incomplete or defective, charges may apply. We will first contact you to verify if you might still have the missing component in your possession. If that is not the case, a fee may be charged