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Damage & Insurance

I have a question regarding damage and/or insurance

What happens if I damage a product?

We understand that the rented products will be used intensively, and babies and children can sometimes make a mess (trust us, we know!). That's not a problem. You can rent our baby items without worries. In the case of fabric upholstery, you can wash

What happens if my rented product gets lost or stolen?

Tiny Library is not responsible for theft, loss, or intentional damage. If your product is lost or stolen, please contact our Customer Care team immediately at [email protected]. You can file a claim for the stolen or lost product with yo

Can I insure products?

Yes, you can purchase the Tiny Care insurance from us. The Tiny Care insurance covers 100% of the repair costs if your rented product is damaged during the rental period. This only applies to damage that can be expected from normal use of the product

What happens if I have gotten into an accident with the carseat?

Please contact our customer service by sending an email to [email protected] within 24 hours to report the damage. We will provide you with a new car seat and an invoice so that you can claim the damage from your car insurance.